Wiscon 39, panels review

I was on four panels this year. Two were on geek dating and convention hookups. One was about older heroes. One was a Penny Dreadful fan panel.

None of those particularly lend themselves to detailed reviews, alas! But a few points of note:

1. Georgie Schnobrich is a delight as a panelist. Being on a panel with her is great. Attending a panel she is on is great. I highly recommend it.

2. I met Megan Condis for the first time on one of the panels, and she was great. Had very good things to say about dating and pickup culture. She is also a game designer, working on a dating sim that incorporates consent culture, and I recommend you keep an eye on this one. It sounds fantastic.

3. I attended the Little Known Goddesses panel, and the best question from the audience was from a teenage girl. The future of fandom is alive and well and quite perceptive and articulate.

4. If you are interested in panel reviews, I recommend you check out the #wc39 tag on Twitter, and find the individual panel hashtags that way.

5. I seem to be on a lot of dating and hookup panels in the last few years, which is deeply amusing to me since I don’t pick people up or ask them out. But this whole flirting – dating thing is one that does not come easily to me or well, and so I have had it EXPLAINED to me, and therefore I feel I can pass those explanations on to others. In a way, perhaps, that people who are better at flirting might not be able to do.

6. I think my favorite panel this year was the Penny Dreadful fan panel. Which was at 8:30 on Monday morning, but the folks who showed were all fans, and we were all enthusiastic, and the entire room seemed to have a good time. The hashtag for that one is #wcdreadful, and I recommend checking it out. Some audience members were doing a good job of keeping up with the tweets. (I mean, go check it out if you like the show. Alas, it’s really only relevant to fans.)

7. Oh, another of my favorite panelists this year (and every year!) was Na’amen Tilahun. Highly recommend seeing a panel with Na’amen, if you get the chance.

It was a good year, overall. I, ALAS, missed a number of the really thought-provoking, serious panels about the past and future of Wiscon because I was burned out and needed quiet time by 4:00 in the afternoon, every day. If any of y’all know of writeups or storifys of those, I would really appreciate a link! Thank you!


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