Links for Friday

Fury Road is not a Very Special Episode

“And all the characters with disabilities, are not there because this is a Very Special Episode of the Apocalypse. They’re there to show that this world is goddamn hard on human bodies – and to show the state of medical and assistive technology – and to show priorities. The people are like the things in this world in one way: the valuable ones are too valuable to waste just because some part of them isn’t working to spec. Instead they weld on part of some other machine, to make it work; and add weapons capability while they’re at it. And they don’t bother trying to make the prosthetics look naturalistic. In a way, in this mutated world, the aesthetic celebrates physical variety, somatic change.”

Red Carpet Rundown: MTV Movie Awards

“But there’s something inescapably young-adult dystopian about the MTV red carpets, where most of the attendees are too young to rent a car but are handling a personal brand and quite often some network or label expectations. And they are all so very young; actors playing high school characters trying to look older than they are, the older actors trying as much as possible to look like high school. It’s an entire runway of forced-casual cognitive dissonance.”


Women of Game of Thrones fanvid, “Run Boy Run,” by hollywoodgrrl. Violence, rape, torture all on-screen.

Six clips from Mad Max: Fury Road

I put that GoT fanvid next to the clips from Fury Road for a reason. I like GoT, a lot, even. But there are ways and there are ways of showing dysfunctional, misogynist, abusive worlds.


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