Hope for the next generation

Earlier this week my son was watching Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. It was an older episode, the one about U.S. Territories. At one point a women speaks in very racist terms about the rational for keeping some things territories.

My son paused the show to flip her off.

He apologized to the rest of us in the room. He knew it was rude. But he also understood that some views require a response and that the correct response for “people with dark skin can’t be trusted with citizenship” is saying a rousing “fuck you and your racist views.”

We didn’t teach him that on PURPOSE. It just happened, listening to us and our world.

This morning my friends’ son went to school in a dress. He’s tried this before, skirts and dresses, and the school principal objects to it for reasons I’m not perfectly clear on. What began as an expression of solidarity for genderqueer kids everywhere has turned into a more direct confrontation with an adult’s … gender-expression-phobia? I guess we’ll call it?

My friends didn’t put him up to this. He feels that this is an injustice that needs protest.

It makes me feel good about the future, it does.


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