Happy Pride, all

Gay marriage is the law of the land.

Or, rather, no state can prohibit same-sex couples from getting legally married.

I was the right age during the heyday of ACT-UP and Queer Nation to remember why gay marriage became a thing we fought for. It was because everyone was dying, and the partners of dying people had no rights. No rights in the hospitals, no rights to the property, no rights to the children — we wanted to be married so that we could be there as people died.

The right to marry is bittersweet, in that light.

When I went to my first Pride march, over twenty years ago, I didn’t really imagine today. I didn’t imagine that I would be married, with kids, and that all of this would be *legal*. That my family would be protected by law.

It’s a damn good feeling.


One Response

  1. Look at me, weeping again. It’s been a weepy few days. Happiness, and sorrow for all the pain and exclusion. Gratitude above all, I think. Relief. Hope? I’m bad at hope, but sometimes, maybe. And so, so happy for you and your good feeling.

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