CONvergence is over for another year

:waves blearily at you all:


Another CONvergence has come and gone. Welcome to you new followers. :waves to you in the back, there: Hi!

I had a really nice convention. I saw some friends, chatted with folks I don’t get to see often enough, went to some fum panels, and was on some panels I enjoyed.

The Enthusiastic Consent panel on Thursday evening was fun. I always enjoy giving that panel, whatever the name of it is in a given year. We fielded a few questions, gave some practical advice, and answered any and all queries for “a friend of mine who isn’t here.”

The Beyond Marvel and DC panels was a hoot. I enjoy recommendation panels, especially when the panelists come prepared to talk. We hit the end of the hour and no-one was ready to stop talking, not the panelists or the audience! I do not have the list of recs, sadly. I am hoping some note-takers from the audience will link me to the lists they made.

Podcasts You Should Be Listening To is another panel whose lists I am eagerly awaiting! *I* want to listen to these podcasts! I’ll tweet the link when I find it.

On Saturday night I interviewed Guest of Honor Charlotte Fullerton. We were cross-programmed against the Masquerade, so the crowd was smaller than I expected, but that gave the room an intimate feel. Charlotte was a sheer delight to talk with, and I would have loved to hear more of her stories!

I attended a could great science panels in the mornings, with my son. We saw Jay Gallentine’s presentation discussing Venus in science and science fiction. Jay was really quite funny, and I learned a lot about the Venera program of the Soviets. We also saw a panel on meteorites. Again, I learned a lot — particularly about meteorite fraud and value!

I went to a panel discussing Georgette Heyer. The panelists were all fantastic. However, a member of the audience seemed to be under the impression that they, too, were a panelist. They would not stop chiming in, they answered questions directed to the panel. I held my tongue until the audience member in question turned in her chair to call on another audience member for a question. Then I began tweeting.

Dear audience members. Please. For the love of whatever you hold dear. Please don’t mod the panel from the front row. And please, PLEASE, do not interrupt a Guest of Honor’s on-topic and germane remarks to chime in with how much you agree with said remarks.

I was not pleased.

But, like I said, I had a really good time. I saw lots of folks, I met a few new-to-me people who are nifty, and I am looking forward to next year!

For those who just met me at con, you can follow me on Twitter @sigridellis. I am also on Tumblr as sigridellis. I don’t auto-follow back *anywhere*, but I love to hear from you!

Happy post-con Monday!


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