Suddenly obsessed with the Napoleonic Wars

So I read Georgette Heyer’s An Infamous Army, and while I liked the romance just fine, I LOVED the historical fiction bits. Like, the history bits. And now I am catching up on the Napoleonic Wars.

I’m taking recs!

Things I am already aware of:

Sharpe’s Rifles
Patrick O’Brien
Horatio Hornblower
Bernard Cornwall’s new history of the wars
War and Peace

Though, funny story about War and Peace.

It turns out that I have spent my entire adult life conflating War and Peace with Doctor Zhivago, having read or seen NEITHER.

What can I say?

War, dying, estranged lovers, endless snow, duels, family drama, endless fur hats.

You can see why I might get them confused, even though the wars in question are like 140 years apart.

But! If you have recs, particularly engaging non-fiction, concerning the Napoleonic Wars, let me know!


2 Responses

  1. There are some decent bios of Nelson which are interesting. That Battle of the Nile that they talk about in P O’Brien? That was some messed up naval action right there. Wellington: The Years of the Sword is the bio of Wellington that Cornwall mentions in his Sharpe books.

    Cochrane: The Real Master and Commander (David Cordingly) is a bio of the man whom O’Brien based Jack Aubrey on, including the single-ship action in O’Brien’s M&C.

    For a really fun fantasy-alternative history, the middle bits of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell (Susana Clark) are a blast.

    A fellow enthusiast

  2. Those are EXCELLENT recs, thank you!

    I actually thought of that while watching the Jonothan Strange and Mr. Norell mini-series!

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