Taking things in, observing, pondering

1. Watching

Pillars of the Earth, and Poldark, and Monarchy. And Killjoys and Gravity Falls and Steven Universe and Dark Matter. Mostly pondering material culture.

It has gotten to the point where anytime a table is smashed, or a shirt is torn, or a goblet is crushed, I wince at the sheer fuck-tonnage of work-hours that are needed to replace it.

2. Listening

I’ve expanded my podcasts to include:

Rachel and Miles XPlain the X-Men
Stuff You Missed in History
Backstory with the American History Guys
Stuff Mom Never Told You
The Hidden Almanac
Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap
The Mystery Show (on hiatus)
Down and Safe
Knit Picks
Welcome to Nightvale
I Don’t Even Own a Television
The Worst Bestsellers
Serial (on hiatus)
The British History Podcast
The Cornell Collective
Our Fair City
BBC’s The Conversation
History of the Papacy

3. Reading

The Last Kingdom, Bernard Cornwell
Round About the Earth, Joyce E. Chaplin
Salt, Mark Kurlansky
Black Count, Tom Reid

4. Keeping Up With

Ferguson and the new police brutality this week.
Lou Antonelli’s jackassery and threats to members of the SFF community. What a dickweasel.
The continued and ongoing harassment of women, people of color, and women of color, especially online
The continued weirdness surrounding the dissolution of the Ada Initiative

5. Making

simple lace scarf
finished a hat
trying to get all my skeins wound into balls

6. Planning

next year’s garden
next knitting project


I’m not having a lot of output right now. A lot of reading, listening, taking things in, pondering. Mulling things over and assimilating them.

What’s on your mind, internets? What are you thinking of, this fine Monday morning?



One Response

  1. Re: Garden planning. Next spring, you and I should go to the Friends plant sale at the fairgrounds together.

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