Evil or stupid, which are you?

I have a pretty strong inclination to stay out of internet fights. I don’t feed the trolls. I block people and put emails into the spam oubliette and I don’t mention it or discuss it. I don’t call out most assholes. I figure a big part of what they want is validation for their insecurities. I won’t be a prop in the inner lives of petty would-be tyrants.

But I also recognize that this silence allows people to continue their behavior in the comfortable illusion that they are 1) getting away with it or 2) the agreed-with majority or 3) whatever delusion makes them feel happy and safe.

Now, mostly I don’t care what delusions make anybody else happy and safe. I harbor and cherish my own, and you can keep yours, and that’s just fine. And I mostly don’t get into fights with maliciously-intentioned idiots who view getting into arguments as a delightful hobby, who are gleeful when their targets fight back.

Not worth my time.

Yet, lest you maliciously intentioned idiots think you are getting away with something, I feel I should make a few points.

1. Lou Antonelli, your half-hearted vague pseudo-apology is noted, and it is not accepted. You are either a malicious actor who incites violence towards others or you are a fucking moron. You SWATed Worldcon, you dumb-as-fuck ignorant dipshit.

Evil or stupid, take your pick.

2. Will Shetterly, yesterday I watched you jump into a conversation to which you were not invited on Twitter merely to restart a years-old argument with someone while inviting that person’s stalker to join the conversation. You’ve been around the internet longer than I have. When I joined Usenet groups in the 90s you were the example of what assholes look like online. You were the cautionary tale, the “don’t be this guy, he is a fucking asshole.” You are, twenty years later, still behaving the same way. You are either a malicious actor bent on harm, or you are willfully ignorant and refusing to learn any decent rules of online interaction.

Evil or stupid. You are either evil or stupid or both, an option I have not ruled out.

[EDIT TO ADD]3. Lou Antonelli’s assholery toward another person.

Is this feeding the trolls? Possibly. But I see you two, out there in the world, actively causing harm and refusing to behave otherwise. The silence of the community does not mean we agree with you. It doesn’t mean you are getting away with it. It just means you are mostly not worth our time.

But as an ally to your targets and victims, I want THEM to know that I see and I do not fucking approve.

Mikki? I see what he did and I do not approve.
David? I see what he did, and I do not approve.
Carrie? I see what he did, and I do not approve.
Aaron? I see what he did, and I do not approve.



This isn’t a conversation with the evil or the stupid. You’re all spammed, because I have better things to do with my time. Go have the conversation on your own blogs, AS I DID HERE WITH MINE.

If you vanity-Google yourself, or have alerts for your name, may your life choices bring you all the joy you have earned.


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