The 2015 Hugo Awards

The 2015 Hugo Awards were held last night in Spokane.

The results are here.

The results are a complete repudiation of the Puppies slates. Non-Puppy candiates won, where available, and No Awards won where no other choices existed.

Tobias Buckell has a look at who would have won, if not for the shenanigans.

WIRED Magazine has a decent write-up about why this matters.

Chuck Wendig has lovely screed of joy up at his blog.

I will note that “Jackalope Wives,” by Ursula Vernon, would have led the short story nominations were it not for the Puppies. I am smug about that.

Congratulations, Hugo winners!

Congratulations SF/F fans. Keep on being awesome. I look forward to enjoying the future with all y’all.



2 Responses

  1. Thank you for the news! I rely on you to keep up with important events as I drift further away from fandom.

    Something went wrong with your links in this post.

  2. Oh, html. Thank you!

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