What I’m into: January 19 2016

* I just finished watching all of the ITV Miss Marple series. All of them. It’s like a cavalcade of “actors who now have iconic roles in something else.” I find Miss Marple very soothing. The people she meets are very, very human. They are petty and great, miserable and joyous, evil and good. Sometimes in the same person. I love that everything comes down to secrets. That is the uniting theme of Agatha Christie, in my observation — everyone has secrets, and secrets kill. This thinking fits well with a lot of modern mental health talk about secrets — that the secrets we keep twist us into unhealthy shapes. Miss Marple would agree.

* I discovered the HAPPY circumstance that I had some lingering Audible credits on my account. I immediately got Daryl Gregory’s We Are All Completely Fine. I could only listen to it in my car when no-one else was with me, but I finally finished it! I really liked this story. But, see, I am a person who was profoundly happy with both the Avengers: Disassembled story and the House of M story. Because actions have consequences, goddammit. Actions. Have. Consequences.

* J and I are planning out our trip to London in March. We have plane tickets, and a place to stay, and some rough ideas of things we want to do. Last week we got tickets to see Mrs Henderson Presents at the Noel Coward Theater.


I’m gonna see a critically-acclaimed new play opening in the West End. [bucket list checkmark]

How’re y’all doing? How’s your Tuesday treating you?



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