Leeks and Sops

Find some stale bread, or, failing that, toast a couple of pieces of bread. Use whatever is at hand. Butter the slices, then put them in a bowl or plate that will contain some liquid. Eventually, there will be sauce on this toast.

These, by the way, are the “sops” in the recipe title. Leeks and sops.

Find some cheese, something with a good flavor. A really sharp cheddar, or some sort of stinky cheese if that’s the way you role. Or you could use some leftover meat you have around — the last bit of roast chicken, or the bit of brisket that isn’t quite enough to make into a meal. Leftovers, is what I am talking, here. I mean, we’re starting with stale bread. This is a leftovers meal.

Put some cheese of meat or whatever on your toast slices in the bowl.

Slice a leek. One leek per person eating this. Now, when I say “slice a leek,” I mean cut off the root end, then thinly slice the white and yellow parts. Now, make a decision. You can use a great deal of the light green portion of the leek. It sort of depends on how much leek you have and how much you want. If you do use the green, peel the outside layer and wash what’s left. Keep an eye out for dirt.

Put about a half TBSP of butter (per leek used) in a frying pan. Dump the leeks in. Cook on a medium heat. You don’t want to burn the butter! When the leek are just starting to get stringy and brown, add s bit of salt and pepper. Cook another couple of minutes.

Turn the heat to the very lowest setting. Wait a minute. Pour in about a TBSP of milk, or cream, or half-and-half, whatever you have, per leek used. Let that heat up. Stir the leeks and the cream together. Don’t let it boil, but make sure it gets hot. It should be steaming somewhat but not actually boiling.

Pour the leeks and cream over the toast.

Eat quickly, because the toast and cheese has cooled by now, and you want to eat it while the leeks are still hot.


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