Conventions in 2016

As I advance in seniority at work, I get to bid better and better vacation days, right?

Well, not so much. See, it doesn’t help my seniority if people retire above me, but there is no-one to replace them below me.

This is most evident to me when I bid my annual vacation for the year. I work weekends, Friday-through-Tuesday. I simply cannot bid off all the conventions I want to go to each year.

Definitely will attend:

CONvergence, June 30-July 4, Bloomington, MN

Will very probably attend for at least part of the convention:

Wiscon, May 26-May 30, Madison, WI

Might possibly attend, maybe:

Minicon, March 25-March 28, Bloomington, MN
Furry Migration, September 9-11, Minneapolis, MN

Cannot attend:

MidAmericon II aka Worldcon. I thought I could bid this off this year, I really did, but we just don’t have enough people at work for me to get August off. Not yet. My apologies to all those I was plotting Worldcon things with, alas.
Geek Girl Con. October, for some reason (hunting) is a really hard month to get vacation in for my workplace.
HeroesCon. It’s in June. I already used up my summer leave spots on CONvergence and Wiscon.
Emerald City Comic Con. This takes place three weeks after my finances and I get back from London, and I am just not flying across the country so soon after an international trip. My bank account would not forgive me.
Diversicon. July, again, I can’t get any more vacation in the summer prime annual leave slots. Dammit.


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