City of Blades, by Robert Jackson Bennett

This review is spoiler-free.

Robert Jackson Bennett.

Robert Jackson Bennett, y’all.

I first read Elsewhere. Then The Troupe. City of Stairs came next. Then I read Company Man and Mr. Shivers.

Now, finally, City of Blades is out.

Here’s what I have to say about this man’s body of work.

If I find out, at some future point, that Robert Jackson Bennett’s home has vanished, disappeared into a shimmering, twisting blur that is ultimately determined by physicists to be the key to harnessing faster than light travel AND zero-point energy, just before the planet is invaded by interdimensional beings on which all our nightmares have hitherto-unbeknownst-to-us been based —

I will not be surprised.

Also, I really like the books.

If you like strongly character-driven stories about weirdly complicated worlds of fantasy that are PERILOUSLY close to be original and uniquely developed, and you like those stories to be near-horror mysteries about the universe and the black heart of human nature yet weirdly optimistic and hopeful, Robert Jackson Bennett’s book are for you.


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