Ginger-squash soup

This is based off a Mark Bittman recipe I read in Kitchen Matrix. I am thoroughly enjoying Kitchen Matrix, by the way. It ENTIRELY suits my method of cooking.

Ginger-Squash Soup

1. Notice that you have some squash sitting there. Realize you are tired of baking it. Sigh heavily.
2. Realize it’s going to go bad if you don’t do something with it, and, really, you’ll feel bad if you have to throw it out.
3. Peel the squash. Scrape out the seeds. Save them to roast, because roast squash seeds are THE VERY BEST THING OMG. Cut the squash into cubes.
4. Cut an onion into wedges or slices, it doesn’t matter, you’re going to blend this anyway.
5. Find your blender or immersion blender, make sure you have all the parts and that it’s clean. If not, go back and make sure you’ve cut everything into bite-sized pieces.
6. Peel a knob of ginger root. Slice it if you’re going to blend this, grate or mince it fine if not.
7. Put all of this in a pot.
8. Put in a number of cups of water roughly equal to the number of cups of squash you have. I.e., cover your ingredients, but not by too much.
9. Boil until the squash is soft.
10. Turn off the heat. Blend. Or not, I’m not the boss of you!
11. Add salt and pepper to taste.
12. Add a couple tablespoons of cream or half-and-half. Maybe coconut milk, if you wanna go that way. Almond milk? Whatever. Something creamy.

Can be served hot or cold. If you re-heat it, though, don’t boil it again or the cream will go weird.


Squash Seeds

Can be done with seeds from any edible gourd.

1. Scrape them out. Separate from the pulp, which is a gross job and I try to offload it to my kids, who object.
2. Pre-heat oven to 350F.
3. Lightly coat seeds with olive oil.
4. Spread seeds on a baking tray or jelly roll sheet, something with raised sides.
5. Salt. Add a bit of pepper, if you like.
6. Bake for 6-8 minutes, then flip/stir/move all the seeds around. Salt again.
7. Bake another 5 minutes, see if they are done. The seeds are done when about 15% of them are starting to turn brown at the edges. Or, if you hear one or two of them popping like popcorn.

Eat while hot, these are THE BEST THING.



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