Convention Safety: We Provide Leverage

Thank you to Seanan McGuire for the terminology.

Thank you to L.A. Gilman for the idea.

I will be at Wiscon and CONvergence this year.

If you are being harassed, if you feel unsafe, if you are concerned about the intentions or actions of another party, if you want back-up, you can come tell me.

If you don’t want to say you’re being harassed, ask me if I provide Leverage. I’ll do my best to help you out.

(“We provide Leverage” is the catch-phrase of the heroes of the tv series Leverage — the recourse when conventional channels are proving ineffective.)

SF cons are fan-run organizations. Like all bodies of people, there are frequently side-channels, or work-arounds, or people who are more effective than other people. This is NOT MALICE, this is … human nature. As a veteran of both these cons, I know people, I know who is who, I know histories, I know who gets shit done. Moreover, I … I am not intimidated. I have run to the end of my fucks to give. The field in which my fucks once flourished, it lies fallow. I would rather offend bigots, harassers, and the silent enablers than remain silent any longer.

I am offering to assist y’all for maximum efficiency if you have a problem.


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  1. […] Sigrid Ellis makes the same offer for those at CONvergence and WisCon in “Convention Safety: We Provide Leverage”. […]

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