Links for February 24 2016

* Meet the Creators Who Are Masterminding the Return of Xena: Warrior Princess

Javier Grillo-Marxuach, showrunner of the new Xena TV show, and Genevieve Valentine, writer of the new Xena comic book, interview each other about the love of Xena!

* Floating World Comics gives sales numbers, indicts Marvel and DC

“Our customers are interested in creator owned, creator driven books. That’s where the passion, creativity, quality and talent is. Image was the top publisher with 8 books on the list.”

* The 2015 Nebula Award nominees were announced

* Archaeology student publishes paper on ancient, industrial-scale First Nations fishery

“England’s monarchs were sacrificing to Woden and persecuting Christian missionaries when First Nations managed a vast, highly-productive, industrial-scale fish harvesting complex in the estuary of the Courtenay River.”

* How Agent Carter Created One of the Most Fascinating Villains on Television

Charlie Jane interviewed Wynn Everett, the actress playing Whitney Frost, and it is excellent.

* Ava DuVernay to Direct ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Movie Adaptation

Exactly what it says!

* Meet the 24-year-old who could change how the US handles sexual assaults

“White House official Amanda Nguyen drove forward the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Rights Act after fighting not to have her own rape kit destroyed.”



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