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    Sigrid Ellis is co-editor of the Hugo-nominated Queers Dig Time Lords and Chicks Dig Comics anthologies. She edits the best-selling Pretty Deadly from Image Comics. She is the flash-fiction editor of Queers Destroy Science Fiction, from Lightspeed Press. She edited the Hugo-nominated Apex Magazine for 2014. She lives with her partner, their two homeschooled children, her partner’s boyfriend, and a host of vertebrate and invertebrate pets in Saint Paul, MN.
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Links for March 30 2016

* Nixon Policy Advisor Admits He Invented War On Drugs to Suppress ‘Anti-War Left and Black People’

“We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”

* Writing Women Characters Into Epic Fantasy Without Quotas

“But gender division may not correspond to modern American stereotypes nor to quaint Victorian notions of feminine daintiness and frailty (however patriarchal the society may be).”

* 100 African Cities Destroyed by Europeans

“When tourists visit sub-Saharan Africa, they often wonder “Why there are no historical buildings or monuments?”

The reason is simple. Europeans destroyed most of them. We only have a few drawings and descriptions by travelers who visited the places before their destruction. In some places, ruins are still visible. Many cities were abandoned when Europeans brought exotic diseases (smallpox and influenza) which started spreading and killing people. Most of those cities lie hidden. In fact the biggest part of Africa history is still under the ground.”




Minicon 51!


I got a chance this weekend to go to Minicon! For the first time … Huh, for the first time since The Schism, I think. (If you don’t know what The Schism is, never mind, move along. No need to go into ancient history.)

I had a lovely time!

I went to a number of GoH panels with Seanan McGuire, including a GREAT panel about parasites. (All praise be to Rick, the moderator, who dutifully played the straight man and was the prop in miming parasite infestations.) And I saw Amy McNally play a concert, which is *always* a good use of one’s time.

I met a number of interesting, fun, engaged fans over the course of the convention, and *I am so sorry* I have completely forgotten your names. I am @sigridellis on Twitter, and sigridellis on Tumblr, and PLEASE say hi!

I also got drafted at the last minute to be on a panel about psionic powers in superhero comics, and Seanan and I did NOT set rage-fire to the room or stab anyone, so we win!

In a note of positive change, the panel on being a fan of problematic things was open and supportive and respectful, not defensive and self-excusing, as it was twenty years ago. And while there were some … problematic … folks mired in How Things Used to Be, the folks running the convention were VERY receptive to my few critical observations, and seemed motivated to foster further positive changes where needed.

I had a lovely time. I am not sure I will get back to it anytime soon, because of my work schedule, but I was delighted to see that it is once again a thriving, inviting convention.

Yay Minicon!



Jury duty!


I was selected for Jury duty this week!

I only mention it because I posted some photos to my Instagram of the St. Paul City Hall and Ramsey County Courthouse. Which is an AMAZING Art Deco masterpiece. Built in 1932 and originally intended to last “fifty years or so” when it was planned, well … the depression hit. And all of a sudden labor was pathetically affordable. And so were materials.

So the city planners hired artists and bought massive amounts of rare wood and stone, and decorated the living hell out of city hall.

It’s wonderful. It’s gorgeous.

I highly recommend googling it and taking a look.


A week in London


My Fitbit is very happy with me. I’ve averaged over five miles of walking every day. My feet, ankles, knees, and hips are less happy. Considerably less happy.

We went to the British Museum, twice. I saw the bas-relief sculptures of Assyria. I saw the helmet of Sutton Hoo. I saw the Rosetta Stone, again.

We went to The Roof Garden, and saw the flamingos.

We went to The Postman’s Garden, and saw the memorial to those who gave their lives to save others.

We saw St. Mary Abbott’s, and saw Sir William Ponsonby’s memorial.

We toured St. Paul’s Cathedral. I just don’t even.

We went to the London Transport Museum, and I had tea in Covent Garden Market.

We went to the Museum of London, and saw the Roman wall.

We toured Kew Gardens, and saw a Golden Pheasant.

We took the DLR to Greenwich. The Royal Observatory, the National Maritime Museum, the National Fan Museum, the Cutty Sark. I just can’t even. Then we took a ferry back, and it was glorious.

We toured the Victoria & Albert.

We saw a musical in the historic Noel Coward Theater, Mrs. Henderson Presents.

We stayed in a lovely serviced flat in South Kensington, we shopped at Waitrose, we got Indian takeaway.

All the photos are up at my Instagram, sigridellis.

…I’ve had such a great time, y’all. I have such history feels.

Tomorrow we head home.

This has been the best week!



London arrival

That was possibly the best and easiest travel I’ve ever had. Even with the fact that a section of the Piccadilly line was under construction and there was an awkward work-around with a bus.

We are here, and pleased as could be, and very tired.


See you later!

Today J and I leave for a nine-day vacation. We are taking our VERY FIRST vacation together without children. We’re going back to London, and I am SO EXCITED.

Blogging and all social media will be … less … while I am away. But I am sigridellis on Instagram, sigridellis on Twitter, and sigridellis on Snapchat. (Though I will only add you back on Snapchat if I actually know-you know you.)

My house is FULLY OCCUPIED while we are away, with adults and children and dogs.

Have a great week, y’all!



Always go to the funeral

I went to my stepmother’s funeral this weekend. Left my house at 7:15 Sunday morning and arrived back home at 7:!5 Monday night. About nineteen hours of driving, all told.

The relationships Rich and Rae have with their families is complicated. Estranged, for the most part. Yet we all showed up for the funeral.

My son came with me on the trip. He kept remarking how ODD it was to be going to the funeral of a woman he’d never met, yet who was related to him. He asked me why we were going.

I told him what I absolutely believe to be true. We go because a loss of any one of us is a loss to us all.

We go to funerals because death marks the end of that person’s contributions to the world. It marks the end of reconciliation. Death ends hope of future change. At the funeral we mark the fact that this person’s unique voice has no more opportunities to make the world a better place.

It doesn’t matter, I told him, that we didn’t have a relationship. Rae mattered to the world. She mattered to my father. We somberly honor that loss.

It was a pretty good funeral, as these things go. I got to see relatives I haven’t seen in ages. My grandmother is ninety-three years old, and seems set on outliving us all. My dad delivered a fantastic and moving eulogy.

I am glad I went.

Always go to the funeral.