A week in London


My Fitbit is very happy with me. I’ve averaged over five miles of walking every day. My feet, ankles, knees, and hips are less happy. Considerably less happy.

We went to the British Museum, twice. I saw the bas-relief sculptures of Assyria. I saw the helmet of Sutton Hoo. I saw the Rosetta Stone, again.

We went to The Roof Garden, and saw the flamingos.

We went to The Postman’s Garden, and saw the memorial to those who gave their lives to save others.

We saw St. Mary Abbott’s, and saw Sir William Ponsonby’s memorial.

We toured St. Paul’s Cathedral. I just don’t even.

We went to the London Transport Museum, and I had tea in Covent Garden Market.

We went to the Museum of London, and saw the Roman wall.

We toured Kew Gardens, and saw a Golden Pheasant.

We took the DLR to Greenwich. The Royal Observatory, the National Maritime Museum, the National Fan Museum, the Cutty Sark. I just can’t even. Then we took a ferry back, and it was glorious.

We toured the Victoria & Albert.

We saw a musical in the historic Noel Coward Theater, Mrs. Henderson Presents.

We stayed in a lovely serviced flat in South Kensington, we shopped at Waitrose, we got Indian takeaway.

All the photos are up at my Instagram, sigridellis.

…I’ve had such a great time, y’all. I have such history feels.

Tomorrow we head home.

This has been the best week!



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