Minicon 51!


I got a chance this weekend to go to Minicon! For the first time … Huh, for the first time since The Schism, I think. (If you don’t know what The Schism is, never mind, move along. No need to go into ancient history.)

I had a lovely time!

I went to a number of GoH panels with Seanan McGuire, including a GREAT panel about parasites. (All praise be to Rick, the moderator, who dutifully played the straight man and was the prop in miming parasite infestations.) And I saw Amy McNally play a concert, which is *always* a good use of one’s time.

I met a number of interesting, fun, engaged fans over the course of the convention, and *I am so sorry* I have completely forgotten your names. I am @sigridellis on Twitter, and sigridellis on Tumblr, and PLEASE say hi!

I also got drafted at the last minute to be on a panel about psionic powers in superhero comics, and Seanan and I did NOT set rage-fire to the room or stab anyone, so we win!

In a note of positive change, the panel on being a fan of problematic things was open and supportive and respectful, not defensive and self-excusing, as it was twenty years ago. And while there were some … problematic … folks mired in How Things Used to Be, the folks running the convention were VERY receptive to my few critical observations, and seemed motivated to foster further positive changes where needed.

I had a lovely time. I am not sure I will get back to it anytime soon, because of my work schedule, but I was delighted to see that it is once again a thriving, inviting convention.

Yay Minicon!



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