Links for April 6 2016

* Caleb Cleveland’s A-Z of D&D is a DELIGHT unto mine eyes.

* West Wing Weekly is a new podcast, rewatching every episode of The West Wing.

* The problem with a technology revolution designed primarily for men.

““Tell the agents, ‘I had a heart attack,’ and they know what heart attacks are, suggesting what to do to find immediate help. Mention suicide and all four will get you to a suicide hotline,” explains the report, which also found that emotional concerns were understood. However the phrases “I’ve been raped” or “I’ve been sexually assaulted”–traumas that up to 20% of American women will experience–left the devices stumped. Siri, Google Now, and S Voice responded with: “I don’t know what that is.” The problem was the same when researchers tested for physical abuse. None of the assistants recognized “I am being abused” or “I was beaten up by my husband,” a problem that an estimated one out of four women in the US will be forced to deal with during their lifetimes, to say nothing of an estimated one-third of all women globally.”

* Blank, by lim.

Y’all, lim is one of the very best fanvidders out there. This is a fantastic visual representation of the overlapping past and present for Steve and Bucky in the MCU. But even if that’s not really your thing, just go watch this vid for the sheer technical virtuosity.



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