Known Associates, by thingswithwings

This fic, y’all.

Known Associates

So, you know by now that one of the things that matters to me is remembering that queers, people of color, and women have ALWAYS been a part of history. We have ALWAYS been here, acting, doing things. In this epic fic thingswithwings creates the world of queer, socialist Brooklyn that Steve Rogers might have inhabited. They put Steve and Bucky in the vibrant and activist Harlem that really existed. They place the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the world that actually existed, and from there they write the tale of how Steve Rogers would have adjusted to the modern day, had he been the punk-fairy socialist sissy activist genderqueer agitator war hero depicted here.

This is a great fic, y’all. Full of warmth and history and an absolutely loving blend of the MCU and reality.

I highly recommend.



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