Hallway panels for Wiscon

Hallway panels!

Hallways panels are those conversation you end up having in the hallway between panels. The squees you want to squee, the rants you need to rant, the :heart-eyes: conversations with folks who agree with you, the cursing someone else’s house because they don’t ship your ship.

Here is an incomplete list of Hallway Panels I am currently proposing for Wiscon:

Sansa Stark, When Will She Burn the World

Charles Xavier is the Worst, No, Even Worse than Stick from Daredevil

Aging Politics, aka I Watched All of Season 2 of Grace and Frankie And It Made Me Think of Fandom

Cool People We Want to Lure to Wiscon How Can We Get Them

Things I Would Do If Eva Green Asked Me To, Especially If She Was Staring Dead-Eyed Into the Distance and Whispering

Melissa Benoist, National Treasure

WTF, Sleepy Hollow, I Just Can’t Even

What Would You NOT Filk to Hamilton, No That’s Not a Challenge, I Am Genuinely Asking

How Is It That All the Influential/Inspirational Women Authors of My Young Adulthood Are Being Forgotten — Not On My Watch, Buddy, Here’s a Reading List

So, what hallway panels are y’all planning?



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