Book recs

From my recent reading —

* The third book in Paul Cornell’s Shadow Police series, Who Killed Sherlock Holmes, came out this week. If you are not familiar with the series I recommend picking up book one, London Falling. Highly recommended for fans of all those grimy U.K. cop shows where people mutter at each other in thick regional accents and the police force is dominated by institutional inertia and malaise.

* I am currently devouring Joe Hill’s new book, The Fireman. I haven’t finished it yet, so, well, I can’t tell you anything reassuring about the ending. It’s an SF-horror combo in which the world ends when humanity is infected with a fungus that causes both spontaneous combustion and other, darker, problems. Highly recommended for people who like Mira Grant’s work, though I can’t make the guarantee she makes regarding a lack of sexual violence in her work. There is some of that so far, and I’m not done with the book yet.



2 Responses

  1. Hey Sigrid, have you tried the web comic Stand Still, Stay Silent?

    Scandanavian post apocalyptic and one of the most beautiful comics I’ve ever seen. Not that you need more on your reading list, but it’s really very wonderful.

  2. Oooh, that looks lovely, thank you!

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