Links for June 22 2016

* I don’t even know what this is, really, but I find it hypnotic. .@FlexSysInc creates 3D-Printed, 1-piece gripper, no hinges

* Spam sushi and candied bacon donut sliders: State Fair unveils new food for 2016

* The damsel in distress trap: How “Penny Dreadful” betrayed Vanessa Ives

“And though she suffered all-too-human doubts, her stony determination to vanquish the devil always materialized when all hope was lost. Anyone who’s seen Eva Green’s baleful stare doesn’t forget it; this was a woman out to conquer.”

* Remembering Lois Duncan, the queen of the young adult thriller novel

“Duncan’s books reflect a dual awareness that young readers both wish to find characters like themselves but also to venture into dark places, the unknown. Bad things happen in these novels – unwanted pregnancies, abusive fathers, emotionally troubled teens, the deaths of parents and children. “She didn’t shy away from tragedy,” Lippman says. “She didn’t pretend that things could be made right. She respected her readers, knew we were tough enough to accept the consequences.””

* The Toast Looks Back: The Best of Femslash Friday

Yes, it’s a link to a link round-up. But it’s Mallory Ortberg!

* Frogmouth

Frogmouth Roller Derby clothing company now has Bitch Planet athletic gear in approximately one bajillion sizes.



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