Links for June 29 2016

* How a Portuguese-to-English Phrasebook Became a Cult Comedy Sensation

“For instance, the second chapter is titled “Familiar Phrases,” and features sentences intended to help the weary Portuguese traveler in everyday conversation. These phrases include classics like “He has spit in my coat”; “take that boy and whip him to much”; and the oft-used “these apricots and these peaches make me and to come water in mouth.””

* Jesse Williams at the 2016 BET Awards: if you’re not for racial justice, “sit down”

“And let’s get a couple of things straight here, just a little side note. The burden of the brutalized is not to comfort the bystander.”

* ‘My First Gay Bar’: Rachel Maddow, Andy Cohen and Others Share Their Coming-Out Stories

“A gay bar is ours. It’s ours like putty, it’s ours like clay. The environment is both ridiculous and profound, but we get to decide when it’s one or both, or neither. Only away from the glare of homophobia could we experience malleability, a flexing of the self, a full rotation. Who knew there were 360 degrees?”

* Sidekick No More: Writing Asian Superheroes and the Challenges of Representation

“Looking for that representation feels like searching for a wifi signal in the desert, all of your internal circuits lighting up when you finally find it. Suddenly all of the hopes you’ve held onto for so long get pinned to that one character. Because if she’s not what you want, what you’ve been reaching out for so desperately, how long will you have to wait for another character to come along?”

* How to Be a Guy: After Orlando My transition turned my ‘straight’ marriage queer— and made my husband a target

“This was going to be a different column.

It was going to be about height and social dynamics and being married to a really cool guy who’s also my best role model for thoughtfully approaching masculinity. It was funny and thoughtful. There were going to be Ninja Turtles.

And then last weekend, someone walked into a gay club in Orlando and opened fire with an AR-15.”

* Scientists Prove Agriculture Has Existed for 25 Million Years

“No, scientists have not discovered evidence that an advanced race of extraterrestrials used prehistoric Earth as farmland. The team of researchers from James Cook University and Ohio State University have found evidence that termites developed a form of agriculture 25 million years ago, and this development affected termites in much the same way that the development of agriculture affected humans millions of years later.”

* Ancient Shipwreck Off Greek Island Yields A Different Sort Of Treasure

“A team of archaeologists diving near the Greek island of Antikythera have reported a startling new discovery from a previously explored 2,000-year-old shipwreck. The find — a very heavy, metal cylinder — offers new insights into the maritime warfare of ancient times, the scientists say.”



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