That was CONvergence!

Y’all, thank you so much.

That was a pretty damn fine convention.

My head is full of improvements to make, of things we manifestly need to do better for next year. But you all — guests, attendees, volunteers, staff, cosplayers, panelists, AV, nerfherders, all y’all — you made a great convention.

If any of you have feedback, I *strongly* urge you to fill out the survey forms.

This is the general attendance survey. This is where you say how much you liked the Masquerade M.C. this year, whether you thought opening ceremonies went on too long, how you love the look and feel of the new dealer’s space but wish it wasn’t across the street, that sort of thing. PLEASE tell us your thoughts! And make sure to tell us what you liked, what worked for you, in addition to problem areas.

We honestly, truly want to make a better convention for everyone. Let your voice be heard.

I, personally, am BEGGING you to fill out the Panel Feedback Form. Please. The feedback you give us on panelists is vital to me doing my job in Invited Participants. If a panelist was terrible — lackluster, unengaged, uninformed — or offensive — racist, misogynist, ablist, homophobic — I do not want Invited Participants to invite them back! Similarly, if a panelist was a sparkling gem of delight, I *DO* want to invited them back! But we can’t know either way unless you tell us.

So, please, help me make next year’s CONvergence better still. Fill out the survey forms! Let’s all improve the world one convention panel at a time!



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