Things of interest on a Monday morning

1. I’ve been watching the NetFlix series Longmire, and I love it. It’s a gritty cop procedural set in Wyoming. I tend to like the one-off procedural episodes more than the long-running plots, but both are good. Be advised, the show does get pretty gruesome at times. But the acting is *fantastic*.

2. My family is all enamored of Pokemon Go! We’re Team Mystic.

3. I finished the alpaca scarf I was working on! I made up the design as a went, which resulted in me finishing the two ends differently. Whoops. I doubt I’ll go back and fix it. It is lovely and soft, and I look forward to wearing it in colder weather.

4. I started listening to Knitlandia on audiobook, and now I want to go to some of our local sheep-and-wool festivals.

5. The second season of Killjoys has begun! I am loving it! I actually feel pretty fannish about it, and, goodness, it’s been a long time since that happened!

Onwards and upwards —



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