Not much going on, which is nice

Let’s see.

1. I’ve been listening to a number of knitting-related audiobooks and podcasts, which led to an excursion to the Steven Be Yarn store yesterday evening, which led to an expansion of my yarn stash. Whoops. I keep falling asleep planning knitting projects, which is rather pleasant.

2. J and I are re-watching older seasons of the Great British Bake-Off while waiting for the new season episodes to air. I am permanently ear-wormed with the theme music for the show.

3. I either have a cold or some sort of tedious massive allergy thing going on. I keep losing my voice at work, blea.

4. The Olympics are starting this week! We got cable for a month, as per usual. And I found my Xfinity passwords and downloaded the NBC Sports app so I can watch on my computer. Yes, I know the controversy and problems with the Rio venue, but I still like the Olympics. I just love watching how amazing people can be!

5. A lot of folks are SUPER into the new Netflix miniseries, Stranger Things, right now. And I just … it’s not working for me. I mean, the show is a LOVING and DETAILED re-creation of 80s-era fantasy-horror. It’s really perfect. But … but I’m not twelve anymore. If I want to watch an old movie like this I can watch Lost Boys again. I’m not sure where the value is in lovingly replicating the misogyny and homophobia of my youth. I don’t know, maybe I’ll give it one more episode.

6. The garden has started producing tomatoes! I am very excited about this.



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