After all, why am I doing this?

This hat I am knitting for the Ravellenic Games, y’all.

This. Hat.

It has some very complicated cabling, and I have had to rip out whole rows twice now.

Last night J asked me if it mattered, if I needed to rip the rows back and fix it.

Well, I said, it depends why I’m knitting a thing.

If I just wanted a hat, I would knit another 8-Trick Pocket Hat by Techknitter. I love this hat and it is incredibly straightforward, and I’ve knit three already. If I need a hat, I will knit that hat.

The entire purpose of knitting this hat, I said, is to have a beautifully intricate cabled hat.

Ah, she said. Yes.

So, I continued, if I bugger up the cabling, I have removed the entire purpose of knitting the blasted thing in the first place. Sure, I could leave the mis-cables, but then why would I continue knitting it?

Right, she said. Good luck with that.

So this morning I will finish ripping out the row I goofed up, and do it again.

Onwards and upwards.



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