A quick word of support

I’ve been knitting for a week, so here’s just a quick and non-comprehensive list of things I support:

* Gabby Douglas. People giving her shit for anything she has or has not done during this Olympics are assholes.

* Black Lives Matter, Milwaukee. The point is not whether THIS police shooting of a black man was or was not justified, the point is that the Milwaukee police do not give a shit about whether it was justified or not. The point is that Wisconsin is one of the worst places in the nation for black people to live, and Milwaukee one of the worst cities. I support Black Lives Matter.

* Hilary Clinton.

* The three women of color catching Pokemon at Como Conservatory last night, discussing their old Atari rigs back in the day. Women, and women of color, have been a part of gaming forever.

* Uncanny Magazine. Here’s the Kickstarter.

* All the non-NBC Olympic coverage, especially the Australian commentators.



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