Why I like Pokemon Go

1. My family plays it. The adults play it, the kids play it when they can borrow a phone. It is a household activity. No-one else in my house knits; only M is SUPER into playing Overwatch; only Cavorter is REALLY into sodas; and so forth. We all have our niche passions. But Pokemon Go is something we share.

2. Since the kids were little, they have loved Pokemon. Our household has So. Many. Plushie. Pokemon. Oh dear sweet crickets, we have so many Pokemon. When the kids were much younger they said they were not watching anymore of the Pokemon movies or cartoons, because watching Pokemon in danger was just too sad and scary. We have Plussel and Minan ornaments on our Christmas tree each year.

3. This is gaming. This is gaming, and these are gamers, and anyone who sneers at Pokemon Go for not being game enough is wrong, and sneering at Pokemon Go players is petty, unkind, and completely wrong. I *love* it when people and causes I dislike (Gamergate, specifically,) are so manifestly and definitively on the losing side of a cultural moment.

4. When I travel without my family, I take a plushie Munchlax and Snorelax with me. I send pictures of Munchles and Snorels to the kids, giving a Pokemon-eye-view of where I am. I’ve been doing it for YEARS. It’s a family tradition that says “I love you even though we are far apart.”

5. I love going to places with lured Pokestops and seeing the vast cross-section of humanity out playing the game. I love seeing the families, the couples, the friends. People walk their dogs, so there’s almost always a nice dog to say hi to. I love the people my age or older who have been gamers their whole lives, raising gamer kids. I love the slightly befuddled but willing grandparents being pulled along by children. I love hearing the languages spoken at Pokestops, I love the fact the immigration and assimilation with U.S. culture now includes knowing what a Pikachu is.



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