All the usual things

1. I was inspired by the knitted things at the MN State Fair this year. I think I shall try to level up my knitting over the winter, and submit something next year.

2. I started listening to a podcast called Witch, Please, a podcast re-reading and re-watching the Harry Potter properties. It’s entertaining! And it makes me want to re-visit the books, myself.

3. Some friends were in town this weekend, and I made a point of taking them to the Mill City Museum, where I promptly failed my saving throw in the gift shop and bought a book. :looks sheepish: It’s my hometown museum! I can go there any time! Why do I continue to buy books there! And, more importantly, WHERE WILL I PUT IT.

4. I am really looking forward to the Pokemon Go Plus. I would like to get walking credit for my everyday activities, dangit! And keeping my phone screen live, in my pocket, does not work for me.



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