The problem with thoughtful posts

is that they take time and links and looking things up.


People I Am Done With:

* J. Scott Campbell. He’s a comics artist, he made a creepily sexy cover of a teenage girl in which he also lightened her skin and made her facial features less black. He’s doubled down on his choices on social media, saying his cover is the same as other representations, and I am fucking DONE with people who so routinely sexualize teenagers that they can’t tell the difference. Also, enough with the fucking whitewashing already.

* Sunil Patel. I had to dig deep to figure out who this scab is. He’s in SFF, he’s been telling up-and-coming authors that he can make or break them, that they owe him, and other such bullshit. Now, I don’t know everyone in SFF publishing, to be CERTAIN. But I have no idea who this idiot is, and now I bet no-one will remember him.


In much cheerier news, apparently the new X-Men movie, Logan, is about Laura Kinney. And apparently there’s a new FX tv series, Legion. As I said to McKelvie on Twitter, the only way I can cope with X-Men media franchises is to be dead in side and harbor no hope, but these trailers are testing that insistence on no hope.



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