Yesterday, I

established recurring donations to the American Civil Liberties Union, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, the National Immigration Law Center, the Minneapolis Neighborhood Organizing Coalition, and YouthLink MN.

I checked that my recurring donations to Planned Parenthood, Feminist Frequency, the Organization for Transformative Works, Scarlateen, and RAINN were all still in place.

I checked my Patreon page and made sure I was giving what I can to the artists whose work bring me joy.


I am employed, I own my home, I am financially secure.

I suspect my part in this fight is going to be giving small, steady donations of money to organizations on the front lines.


I am white.

My other part in this is going to be to continuously make it clear to other white people that racism, fascism, and other forms of hate are not acceptable.

I am reasonably safe, reasonably privileged. I can use that to protect and defend those with less power than I have.

I can Tank for the party, take the hits while others get away.

If you, reading this, if you can Tank? I urge you to do so.


Half of America voted for Trump.

But the other half?

We did not.


2 Responses

  1. Another local group? The Bridge for Youth. They’re queer friendly, and have been a resource for trans kids having a hard time at home.

  2. Technically, only half of the country voted. So, a quarter of the country elected your president

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