Today is a bit better

Yesterday at work two of my white, straight, male coworkers — one who voted for Clinton, one who voted for Trump — both sat down and listened to my anger and fears and said they were sorry and that it wasn’t right.

Small steps.

Yesterday the BBC was reporting that Trump is now reconsidering whether he will repeal the ACA.

Small steps.

Yesterday I found out where and when the St. Paul City Council meets, and what the agenda for the next meeting is. Wednesday, 11/16, 5:30 pm will be open hearings on, among other things, police body cams. If you are local, I urge you to attend.

Yesterday my daughter totally rocked a talent show. She did a short contortion routine, and looked great, and I love her and I’m really proud of her.

That’s the video, if you like. (The talent show was with the local homeschool co-op, which holds events and classes at a nearby church, hence the enormous cross in the middle of the video.)

Yesterday my book on prehistoric textiles arrived.

Little things, small steps.

Yesterday, my coworkers were all so *normal*. I was so incredibly furious with them all, that their lives are so unaffected by all this. That they can the vast and overwhelming privilege to not care about the election.

But I, too, will find some new normal, eventually. It will include knitting, and talent shows, and doing the dishes. It will also include city council meetings, and speaking up in person against bigotry, and cutting back on my discretionary spending so I can give more to activist organizations.

Small steps. Little things.



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