Another day, another act of resistance

Yesterday I:

1. Called Franken, Klobuchar, McCollum, Houseman, and Marty. I could not get through to Franken (when I called all lines rolled directly to voicemail and all the voicemail boxes were full.) I left a message for Marty. I spoke to real humans at the Minnesota offices for Klobuchar, Houseman, and McCollum.

I said:

“Hello. My name is Sigrid Ellis. I am a constituent of ________. I live in St. Paul. I am calling today to express how much I am looking forward to the forthcoming public denunciation of Steve Bannon by ________ which I am sure they are going to give any minute now. Bannon is a self-proclaimed anti-Semitic white supremacist, and needs to be called such. We cannot hide behind euphamism. I know that _______ shares this view, and I look forward to their clear public statement.”

At which point the staffers for Koobuchar and Houseman said, uhhhhh, okay, we’ll pass that along.

The staffer for Betty McCollum said, nearly yelping with urgency, she just did that on the House floor you can see it on YouTube it’s also on her Facebook page she did that about thirty minutes ago!!!!!! and you could just HEAR how happy he was that he could say something positive to me about the issue.

2. Put the phone numbers for the MN offices of all those people in my phone.

3. Wrote to the Star-Tribune, the Pioneer Press, the City Pages, the NY Times, the Washington Post, and the BBC, strongly urging them to call the Trump White House proposed staffers what they are — not conservatives, but racists.

4. Had dinner with friends. We reminisced about activism in our pasts. It was a good thing.



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