Day 8

… I don’t know about y’all, but I kinda feel like shit.

Like, just, incredibly worn out.

It’s the never-ending stress hormones coursing through my body, I expect.

I feel a raging need to be informed. To learn. To know.

I am compelled, not by outside forces but by the fact that I want to be able to meet my own gaze in a mirror, to take some sort of actions. To write, and call, and donate. To organize. To show up.

I know the task is marathon. Years of work ahead. *Years* of work.



Have some dogs.


And here is a cafe sign from when I was in Ireland last year.


And, um, have a manatee.


I Still Believe in You.

Oh, and how about a baby tapir?



:solidarity fistbump:







One Response

  1. Oh yes, I am so with you on all of this.

    I am getting involved with a local climate change action group. It is not my favorite pet issue. It just happens to be the first issue that a friend started to organize around and it is something I have no reservations about. It feels like an end of a tangle of yarn that I can grab and work with.

    Last night I was up in the middle of the night with generalized stress. My life is good right now. My brain kept looking for things to worry about to justify this general sense of dread. I hate that.

    I hate that I have to give up some of my treasured creative time to go to meetings and fight bigots. Even more, I hate feeling like half my country is out to get me, my family and friends.

    I meditated by candlelight holding a boken as long as I could, and more open-handed until I was calm. I am going to use my aikido skills as much as I can to defuse conflict, and use any tools I can to fight oppression.

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