St. Paul City Council Public Hearing 11/16/2016, Police Civilian Review and Body Cams

Last night I attended the St. Paul City Council Public Hearing on the proposed amendment to the Police Civilian Review Board structure, and on the Western District’s pilot program for body-worn cameras.

The ultimate conclusion is that the proposed PCR amendment will have a third public hearing in two weeks, and the pilot program will continue as the city council collects more data and hears more expert reports.

But the *interesting* parts were all the middle bits.

I learned that the local NAACP chapter is *all over* these issues, testifying at all the public hearings.

I learned that Councilperson Bostrom, from Ward 6, thinks that St. Paul is a sewer into which police descend to maintain order. (He’s like, a bajillion years old. If he runs again in 2019, we REALLY need to mount a serious candidate against him, folks.)

I learned the Councilperson Thao, Ward 1, if trying very hard as the lone person of color on the council to represent the needs of St. Paul’s incredibly diverse non-white population.

I learned that the kids are gonna be alright — two high school students testified about the need to remove the PCR from the purview of the City Attorney’s office.

I learned that my representative, Councilperson Stark of Ward 4, is a perfectly decent middle of the road liberal white guy who mostly seems to be doing the right things.

If you are local, and are contemplating attending the December 7th Public Hearings, be advised that it’s going to be the Taxes public hearing, and will likely be a completely full house.



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