A Thursday of minor things

1. I saw Moana! It was delightful.

2. The cold weather is finally here! Thank goodness. I mean, I don’t LOVE the freezing temperatures. But, climate. Minnesota is supposed to be cold right now.

3. It’s been a month since the election. What have I done to help the nation, in the face of the incoming administration? Set up recurring donations to various organizations. Called my federal and state representatives on the issues. Emailed a ton of folks. Signed petitions. Joined social media campaigns for change. Donated goods to local organizations that accept them. Attended a city council meeting. Signed up for and have been reading a ton of newsletters from a variety of sources.

4. I spent the last few nights have anxiety-rehearsal dreams. Step-by-step micro-management stress rehearsals for: a house fire, me dying in a car crash, J dying, my kids dying, and losing my job have all featured. Funny, you might get the impression that I feel stressed-out about enormous things I can’t control …

5. I finished knitting a hat! I forget how quickly hats go. Since my other in-progress things are a) socks and b) a blanket, I spent time yesterday loading up some project bags with hats and mittens and more instantly-gratifying things.



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