The new normal is strange, but it’s what we have

1. M LOVES his blacksmithing camp! Its at the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center in Minneapolis. His instructor is a woman, which I find nice. The class description specifically states that no knives will be made. Apparently the instructor calls the class “shiv-making class,” and stipulates that it’s only a knife if you sharpen it on the grinder.

The class makes a lot of … letter-openers.


I find this delightful, and a realistic assessment of what a gang of teenagers wants to make.

2. I encourage you all to glance at DeFund DAPL. I know that some of y’all can’t move your finances, and that’s FINE. I’m certain that we each are doing what we can on all fronts. But if you do have money with some of those banks, perhaps you could move it? And if you do, PLEASE make sure to tell that bank that you are leaving them over the Dakota Pipeline.

3. All the organizations I have given money to in the last year are sending me end-of-year requests for more funds. I’m like, “y’all shoulda reached out before I panic-donated to everything on November 10th, I’m out of cash now.”

4. The kids and I watched Predator last night, as I continue to expand their cultural horizons.

5. K is off her crutches! And mostly out of the boot! By the time circus starts up again, her foot should be fine.

6. One Voice Mixed Chorus’s January concert is Out of the Shadows, a commissioned choral work by Steve Milloy that narrates the life of civil-rights-and-gay-activist Bayard Rustin. Tickets are on sale for both shows, January 14th and 15th. I highly encourage you to go!



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