The mixed feelings of Yuletide

I defaulted on Yuletide this year.

It’s the first year I’ve done so, and I did it legally and ahead of schedule, and I have in fact READ a fic which I *believe* is the pinch-hit for my defaulted-on recipient. So that’s all good. But I still feel bad.

I feel bad especially because I GOT AN AMAZING FIC.

We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For

Oh, ANON, you are the BEST.

It’s a Claire Temple fic from the MCUNetFlix, with Claire’s life and how she gets to be the person she is, and how she, well —

“There’s always a war, Claire. Every minute of every day, someone somewhere is fighting. Heroes are defined by what they’re fighting for.” He sits down next to her, propping his wrists on his knees. “Every battle needs a healer, baby girl. It’s not always about going after the bad guy. Sometimes it’s just fixing whatever the bad guy has broken.”

Yeah. That.



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