Art of resistance

The thing about fighting evil, she said, as if we’d been having this conversation all along, is that there are SO MANY fronts on which we have to fight.

We have to fight the political — call elected officials, show up at local council meetings, run for office, write local papers, stay informed.

We have to fight the media and the presentation — criticizing the normalization of hatred, calling out collaboration.

We have to fight the local bigotry — demanding police justice, boycotting local businesses, petitioning libraries and schools.

We have to remain alert in-person — staying vigilant for hate attacks, protecting ourselves or being good allies, using what privilege we have to draw fire from those who have less.

All of those are reactions. All of them are responses to terrible things. They ALL need doing.

But we also need to make the world we WANT to be living in. We create the future by the lives we lead today. So what future do we want? We have to make it.

That’s where art comes in.

Art can speak truth to power.
Art can dream of better days.
Art can remember the dead and missing.
Art can hold to identity and selfhood.
Art can shape a new humanity.
Art can respond, ignore, or converse.
Art can rage, hope, cry, and dance, sometimes all at once.

What do you make? What future are you creating? Are you raising children to be good human beings? That’s certainly an art. Are you writing fanfic celebrating the loves and lives you yearn for? That’s art. Are you publishing books, stories, histories, guides, novellas? Art. Weaving, knitting, sewing, clothing and creating new tangible works in the world? That’s art.

I could go on. You *know* what you do. You know what you CAN do. We need you. We need your voice, your hands, your unique vision of the world you want to make. Whatever part you are playing, you are *needed*.

No one of us can save the world. That’s a popular myth, a damaging myth, a damning myth, and it will not help us now. The world is only ever saved by millions of ordinary people living ordinary lives of hope, strength, and resistance against evil. Do your part. Share your recipe for stew, donate your knitting to the homeless, choreograph your dance, post your fanvid, plant your garden, write your poem, paint your vision, host your podcast.

Make your art.

Live your life.




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