New Year’s Eve, 2016


Hi, you.

It’s been kind of a year, right?

I know we’re all going to carry the shit from 2016 forward into 2017. It’s kinda unavoidable. The election. Our unpresidential president. Global fascism. Environmental degradation. I, personally, am on another kick of reading prepper books to prepare me for the apocalyptic future, despite the fact that I will not live long enough to need to know how to make my own soap.

And the deaths. The deaths, we’re going to carry forward. Either in the bleak blank holes in our hearts, or in our determination to live our lives more brightly to make up for the loss.

But there was good in 2016.

Just, off the top of my head, as I was thinking about this last night:

Beyonce released Lemonade and then performed it at the Superbowl.
Simone Biles.
Simone Manuel.
Hell, all the women of the Rio Olympics.
Scientists have found a vaccine for HIV. The nightmare disease that transformed my youth and young adulthood, the disease that made sex and desire a death sentence — we have found a vaccine.
Ilhan Omar is the first Somali-American elected to a legislature.
Hamilton, the musical.
Hamilton, the cast and their vibrant outspoken advocacy for everything good.
Giant pandas are no longer Endangered, but now merely Vulnerable. Again, this has been a feature of my LIFE. I knew that pandas would go extinct in my lifetime, I knew it. And here we are.
We have a cure for Ebola.
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014 paid off, and we have discovered an ALS-related gene.
Malaria and child deaths are massively decreased worldwide, despite the catastrophic refugee crisis in the Middle East.

Here’s a huge list of more, if you need them.

On a personal note, I knit some GREAT things. My kids both had birthday parties they loved with friends that made them happy. Nothing major broke or went wrong in my house or with our cars. I got good performance reviews at work. I helped a trainee at work get through a tough spot and succeed. Two days ago I wrote a piece of fic for the first time in over a year. I went on a great vacation in March with J. My kids are doing well academically. We have security, shelter, money, health insurance, employment, and friends, and because of that I am in a position to sometimes help others or give to charities that could use a hand. Friends and acquaintances of mine had some lovely successes in publishing, awards, and accolades.

The sun is shining through the window onto my computer as I write this. Tonight we’ll eat good food, light fireworks, watch movies, and see 2016 out the door.

See you in the new year, all.

Onwards and upwards.



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