Wednesday whining

I am just not up for today, y’all.

Everyone I come in contact with is behaving exactly like they always do — family, kids, friends, the internet, everybody — and I just do NOT have the wherewithal to cope with humanity today. “I KNOW you always have this quirk,” I think at my loved ones, “but could you JUST NOT today???”

My house is still my house, being its normal house self. And yet, today, I am finding entropy to be ESPECIALLY tiresome and wearing. “I just want ONE THING to stay clean after I clean it,” I think piteously to myself.

I keep thinking that if I continue getting things done, marking stuff off my list, I will feel better.

Or, well, if I don’t feel better, at least the things will be done.

So far today I have:

done three loads of dishes
taught school to both kids
put away the groceries J bought
dehydrated onions
started dehydrating peas and carrots to further my homemade instant soup mix plan
cleaned off the dining room table (it’s already covered in stuff again, I think it was clean for less than six minutes, I’m feeling particularly oppressed by this one)
scrubbed the kitchen counters and sink
wiped off a splash of spilled food that has been on the ceiling of the basement stairway for a few weeks, no, I don’t know how it got there
tidied my room and made my bed
emailed people about a project update and followed through
made aloo makhani for lunch, which was very tasty
went to my tattoo consultation appointment (I will get the tattoo on February 16th, it’s going to be a Captain Marvel hala-star inside a Captain America shield, all blackwork, on my leg)
had homemade brownies with homemade whipped cream, while sipping tea

My to-do list is still really long.


Onwards and upwards.



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