Resistance 1/8/2017

In the last month I:

Called the Senate Judiciary Committee to oppose Jeff Sessions.
Participated in Refuse Fascism’s social media and awareness campaigns
Knit a Pussyhat for the Women’s March and gave it to someone who is going
All my recurring donations are recurring
Gave money and giftcards to Bridge for Youth
Wrote my City Councilmember about police civilian oversight (I’m happy to say that not only did Russ Stark vote the way I wanted, the civilian oversight of police in St. Paul has been removed from police control.)
Emailed my congresscritters about the ACA

In the last month the House of Representatives voted to disband the ethics oversight. They were overruled, and took it back. U.S. intelligence agencies have determined that the U.S. election was tampered with by Russia under Putin’s direct order. Trump specifically denied that this was true after he was briefed that it is true. Texas is voting on bathroom legislation. North Carolina gutted the governorship in a last-hour Republican fuck-you to the incoming administration. The House and Senate Republicans are trying to remove cameras and journalists from the congressional floor, hiding what our government does. Congress voted to revive the Holman Rule allowing them to reduce the salary of individual federal workers to one dollar.

I’m still listening to The Rise of the Third Reich on audiobook, when I can stand it.

As of right now, no-one I know has lost their job, home, or healthcare due to the incoming administration.

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