Experiments in dehydrated soup mix

Things I have learned, dehydrating vegetables for a homemade instant soup mix:

Cooking the carrots for five minutes before dehydrating them makes them less chewy afterwards
Break up everything into small pieces
Green beans end up a bit rubbery
Peas dehydrate REALLY fast
Potatoes must be pre-cooked for five minutes or else they turn black
Onions take FOREVER, like, twice as long as anything else.

However! I mixed these things all together in a ziplock, added some salt and pepper, and took it to work. There I put it in a mug and added hot water from the water-filter-thingy spigot. (It’s the same water I use to make tea at work.)

The result was … edible!

I mean, not thrillingly delicious, certainly. I need to figure out what herbs (sage? thyme?) and spices (garlic powder?) to add and in what quantity. (I’m also considering adding mushrooms.)

But it is a homemade instant soup mix that I can take to work!

More importantly, I managed to do SOMETHING with the vast pounds of root vegetables I got in the December CSA share …



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