Footnotes of history

The phone numbers for my Senators, my Congressional representative, the Senate Judiciary Committee, the House Oversight Committee — these are all in my phone contacts list now. I’ve called my Senators more since November than any phone number outside of my family and the two restaurants that deliver food to my house.

Pretty soon, calling Congress will pass up the Szechaun restaurant.

I keep tweeting and blogging and calling and talking. Most of my followers already agree with me. Most of them are informed. Most of them are already engaged at the level they can engage. I’m not trying to pick fights. I’m not at ALL trying to guilt anyone. My Congressional representative are all Democrats, all fighting and resisting.

I know y’all are out there, being the best people Mr. Rogers always knew you could be.

So why, why do I keep reading, and re-tweeting, and talking, and calling?

Because of the future.

When the future writes of us, writes of this moment, I want to be able to say “I did everything I could.”

I want my children to tell my grandchildren how this moment went, and I want them to say I resisted.

When history is written of this time, I would rather be a footnote about a failed resistance than a chapter on willing collaborators.

So I keep talking, and writing, and calling, and reading, and tweeting, and donating.

I know y’all are out there doing your parts. Please, please keep doing them. Call if you can. Email. Knit. Take care of yourself. Donate. Make soup. Go see the doctor. March. Volunteer. Read. Write. Sing. Organize.




One Response

  1. I love this. Thanks for the reminder to keep standing up, to keep fighting. It doesn’t always seem worth it, but it is.

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