For your awards consideration: Becky Allen and Bound By Blood and Sand

Full disclosure: Becky Allen is a friend of mine.

Becky Allen has been writing her whole life. Her first novel, Bound By Blood and Sand was published this past October. (From Delacourt Press!)

This makes BBB&S (a YA novel) eligible for the Andre Norton section of the Nebula Awards.

It also makes Becky eligible for the Campbell.

Becky is one of the people I make a point of seeing, of talking to, at any convention we’re both at. She is thoughtful, passionate, wry, and quick-witted, a great person to talk to on almost any topic. I value her opinions.

She is also dedicated, my goodness. BBB&S will NOT be her last novel, oh no. And her next one will be even better, because Becky learns from errors and strives to constantly improve.

Let me tell you something, about BBB&S. It is a YA novel that is thoughtful about how we humans screw up and go on. Think, for a moment, about being a young adult. It’s a never-ending stream of trying to do things, screwing it up, and not being able to hide in bed forever. We HAVE to go on. We have to go back to work, go back to class, see our friends, pick up our stuff from our ex’s place, go back to church — we can’t hide forever. And sometimes it seems impossible to go on.

Bound By Blood and Sand is a YA novel featuring young adults who are trying to go on. It is EXACTLY the book you want in your libraries, cover facing out, with “Andre Norton Award Winner” in plain view. You WANT to give this to schools, to teens. This is one of those books that helps map the uncharted waters of young adulthood. This novel truly deserves the attention the Norton would confer.

When you are nominating things this season, I urge you to read Bound By Blood and Sand. Give it, and Becky, your consideration this year. Nominate it, if you feel so moved.

I know I am.



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