We can see the pattern now

Wait and say something genuinely terrifying on Friday.

Entire weekend is devoted to civic unrest.

Walk it back Sunday evening.

On Monday, there’s not as much for us to call our congressional representative about. The terrifying situation has been reduced, or mitigated, or it’s reconsidered. The administration backed down due to massive protest and civil disobedience.

During the week, it’s a Gish Gallop of frightening, terrible thing after thing. And we call, we email, we go through channels and tell our representative government *we do not want this*. And Friday afternoon hits, and everyone goes home, and BOOM.

Another fucking nightmare for the weekend.

Find. Your. Local. Organizers.

Find your local ACLU office and write their number on your arm in Sharpie.

Find the local groups, the Black Lives Matter, the immigration defense team, the Planned Parenthood, your neighborhood council, FIND THEM.

They are the people who already know how to throw together a protest on no notice. They have plans. They have lawyers. They know how many water bottles to bring.


Talk to them. Meet them. Volunteer with them.

You’re going to need them.

We’re all going to need them.

We must become them.

Join. Organize. Resist.



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