What have I done to stop fascism this month?

I have a calendar item that recurs on the 8th of every month. It reads, “what have you done this month?”

In the last month I:
Called my Senators to oppose Betsy DeVos.
Participated in Refuse Fascism’s social media and awareness campaigns
Participated in #NoDAPL social media campaigns
All my recurring donations are recurring
Gave money and giftcards to Bridge for Youth
Wrote my City Council and state rep about freedom to assemble peaceably
Emailed my congresscritters about the ACA, again
Went to a constituent meeting at Senator Franken’s office
Met local Indivisible activists, signed up for mailing lists
Signed up for my neighborhood email list
Went to the Women’s March in Minnesota
Asked my union rep to look into union support for legal resistance for federal employees

In the last month, the inauguration took place. And then the Women’s March. Trump launched a failed covert mission in Yemen, killing a lot of people. The Cabinet appointments have all gone through so far, including DeVos last night. But DeVos was a near thing. Sessions is being voted on today, and he will make it. Trump has named the free press to be his enemy, calling it the opposition party and saying that every news story that disapproves of him is fake news. He’s announced a federal hiring freeze, except for hiring 15,000 more CBP agents. The CBP remains loyal to Trump. Trump announced a Muslim Ban on immigration from seven countries, leading to chaos in airports and the triumph of decent humans who protested for an entire weekend. Lawyers, especially from the ACLU, worked around the clock to free illegally detained residents. Judges declared it an illegal order and told the CBP to not enforce it. Trump fired Attorney General Sally Yates for defying his order. He has called the judges who oppose him fake judges, and pre-emptively blamed them for any future terrorist attacks. Melania Trump has announced that the bad press is cutting into her profits from being First Lady.

I finished reading The Coming of the Third Reich.

As of right now, no-one I know has lost their job, home, or healthcare due to the incoming administration.



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